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    automatic plantoil oxidation stability tester ST149
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    Shengtai Instrument
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Product Details

ST149 automatic vegetable oil oxidation stability index (OSI) is designed and manufactured in strict accordance with GB/T 21121-2007 determination of oxidation stability of animal and vegetable oils (Accelerated oxidation test). It is controlled by a single chip microcomputer and displayed by a liquid crystal LCD. The results are automatically generated and printed.

OSI (oxidative stability index): during the determination, hot air at a certain temperature is introduced into the oil sample to accelerate the oxidation of glycerol fatty acids and produce volatile organic acids. The air brings the volatile organic acids into a conductive chamber, and the indoor water dissolves the volatile organic acids and ionizes ions, thus changing the conductivity of the water. The computer continuously measures the conductivity of the conductive chamber. When the conductivity rises sharply, it indicates the arrival of the end of the induction period, and the period before that becomes OSI time.

Key words

automatic plant oil oxidation stability index (OSI)


GB/T21121-2007ISO 6886

Display mode:

7-inch color LCD display

Temperature sensor

 imported Pt 100 temperature sensor

Heating method

metal bath heating

Sample quantity

 3G (recommended dosage in national standard)

Output format

 the output format of the result USB flash disk is CSV or excel.

temperature setting range

 room temperature ~ 220 ℃

Controlled by single chip microcomputer, the time conductivity curve of the sample can be drawn and the oxidation stability time of the oil can be calculated automatically; The instrument has sample measurement switch and status display.

Technical parameters:

GB/T21121-2007 animal and vegetable fats and oils Determination of oxidation stability (Accelerated oxidation test)

ISO 6886 animal and vegetable fats and oils - Determination of oxidation stability (Accelerated oxidation test) natural oxidation stability test of fat (CDM, Japan)

Special diaphragm pump with accurate flow control and constant flow

Real time measurement data of conductivity meter.

Data display: real time display of oil oxidation process and conductivity in induction period

Display mode: 7-inch color LCD display;

Heating method: metal bath heating.

Temperature sensor: imported Pt 100 temperature sensor

Storage method: 199 groups of historical data can be stored for the convenience of query;

Result output: at the same time, it can be equipped with U disk output function, which can be output to PC for long-term storage,

Output format: the output format of the result USB flash disk is CSV or excel.

Special software: equipped with special calculation software, it can automatically calculate the oxidation stability time.

Instrument display: the instrument itself has a color display screen, which can display the temperature of each heating module, gas flow rate, measuring cell status, conductivity value of each measuring position, etc

Heating module:

Heating method: metal bath heating

Sample quantity: 3G (recommended dosage in national standard)

Sample measurement temperature setting range: room temperature ~ 220 ℃

Protection function: it has over temperature protection function. It can stop automatically when the temperature exceeds 260 ℃.

Temperature control mode: the four groups of temperatures can be controlled separately. The four groups of set temperatures can have the same temperature or different temperatures.

Gas flow control module:

Instrument built-in diaphragm air pump

Special electronic air flow pump

Air flow range: 1 ~ 30 l/h (25 ℃, normal atmospheric pressure)

Conductivity measurement system

Conductivity measurement range: 0 ~ 300us/cm

Conductivity resolution: 0.1 us/cm

Software calculation module

It has a powerful database data management system: it can automatically calculate the oxidation stability time.

Automatically calculate the maximum value of the second derivative of the curve to determine the induction time

Automatically deduce the induction time of the sample at 20 ℃ or 25 ℃, that is, the shelf life at room temperature

Main Application areas

- Vegetable oils: soybean oil, sunflower seed oil, rapeseed oil, palm oil, peanut oil, etc.

- Animal fats: butter, fish oil, lard, etc.;

- Products containing oil: cosmetics, margarine (direct determination), cereals, biscuits, nuts, bacon, sausages, meat, etc. (determination after oil extraction);

- Study on antioxidant properties of antioxidant;

-FAME (fatty acid methyl ester,) oxidation stability determination;

- Determination of oxidation stability of light oil over copper catalysts.

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